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Life Coaching

Coaching allows you the opportunity to explore and evaluate what is currently happening in your life and helps you to set goals for the future. 

Starting with the assumption that you carry the key to your own success, your coach is there to act as a guide and catalyst through which you can access your own solutions and ideas for change and challenge your fears and self-limiting beliefs.  

Coaches do not offer opinions or advice, instead they help you build your own self-esteem and self-confidence by deciding which actions to take, allowing you to develop and recognise your own abilities.

1:1 coaching sessions

Coaching focusses on setting goals and developing the strategies, motivation and confidence to achieve them. You may or may not have a clear idea about the topics you wish to be coached on.  Claire practices a holistic approach – looking at the whole you. Talking through your priorities with your coach will help you gain a fresh perspective on your current situation and identify the changes you want to make.

Integrated sessions

Claire will use her expertise and knowledge to provide a holistic experience during your coaching session, by integrating mindful practice alongside coaching and mentoring elements. This is not suitable for everyone, or every coaching session. You can discuss your needs with your coach.

Group Sessions & Workshops

Courses are a valuable mix of educational material, and practical exercises and tasks. Claire can create a bespoke course for your group or recommend a course type, length and duration for you. Many client organisations have found these workshops and talks invaluable for staff wellbeing and engagement.