Mentoring & Resilience

Developing resilience is a key skill for success and happiness. Life's challenges and ups and downs can be tough and it's not always easy to navigate the right route through for you.

BIG has developed programmes for young people and adults to help them uncover their resilience and tap into their true potential.

Support for individuals

Claire can work out a tailored programme of activities and actions that will help your personal development - giving you increased confidence and practical strategies to support your growth. This can be as specific as you wish, or incorporated into your coaching journey.

Young people

Young people generally benefit hugely from additional support with growing their resilience.
BIG offers mentoring sessions in schools and other organisations, working alongside identified, vulnerable individuals to support and strengthen their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Group Sessions & Workshops

Giving strategies, delivering engaging activities to small groups. Great for team building and creating a greater understanding of how to increase your happiness and confidence.