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A little bit about Claire

I established BIG Life Coaching in 2012 and deliver workshops and talks to groups, and one-to-one sessions for individual clients.

A fully qualified life and youth coach with an NCFE accredited Life Coaching Diploma, a Diploma in Psychology, and a Youth Impact Coaching Diploma from The Coaching Academy. I am also trained to deliver the University of Pennsylvania Resilience Curriculum, designed to help young people develop coping strategies and build their emotional resilience. In 2017 I completed my training with the Monash University in Mindfulness for Wellbeing & Peak Performance.

Life is a journey, and can take you in many directions. My personal journey includes being a wife, mum, step-mum, grandmother, and lucky owner of a dog and two chickens! It's not always been plain sailing though, but I've learned much along the way and have been able to navigate through occasional stormy seas.

Following my dream to live on the coast, I relocated to Norfolk from Hertfordshire in 2019. I enjoy a busy and exciting life, love a personal challenge and stepping out of my comfort zone at every opportunity, such as an open-water swim across Loch Lomond and presenting shows on local radio.

What are your dreams? How would the right support and encouragement help to bring them to life? You have some questions? Just call me or drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you.

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What can Life Coaching do for you?

My experience over the years has shown me that the right support and help can put people in a stronger, more positive position.

Working as a Life Coach is inspirational. It is an incredible experience to support someone in their own journey of discovery and success.

Why struggle through alone?

Clients contact BIG to help with life changes and challenges. Maybe you want to get unstuck, unwind and re-group? 

Let go of anxiety and stress, and move towards something more positive and exciting. Working with a professional and receiving tailored support can get you there much quicker than working alone.

Why do people like BIG?

Is it your time to change or develop your career, create a better social life or increase your circle of friends? Maybe you're looking for a new relationship or want to bring passion to the one you're in?

I will help you take that first step and support you on your journey towards your dreams. Imagine how good that would feel...

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"I believe that in order to feel happier, more motivated and become successful we need to ensure that there is balance and harmony in our lives"

Claire Goldwater

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Personal development really means being a better you.  Coaching allows you the time and space to examine what is working in your life and what is not.  A great coach helps you to set goals that stretch you, find ways to get ‘unstuck’ from your current situation and grow and develop.  Coaching often acts as an intervention, encouraging you to challenge your inner conversation and learn new, healthy thinking habits.


Fun, social life, hobbies, personal passions – all key ingredients of a fulfilling, exciting and purposeful life.  Sometimes people need to uncover just what it is that they need to put into their lives, sometimes it is about finding the time, energy and commitment to making it happen.  Coaching helps you to explore ways to get excited about your life.


How effective are you with your time?  Is your life balanced? Are you happy with the amount of time and energy you give to all the various areas of your life?  For most people the answer is a resounding “no!”  It can be tricky balancing the demands of parenthood and career, of breadwinner and lover, of carer and friend.  It can be even trickier carving out some ‘me’ time.

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