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The pace of modern life can be overwhelming and stressful. Do you have trouble focussing, sleeping or unwinding?

Mindfulness: Text
Image by Max van den Oetelaar
Mindfulness: Services

With regular mindfulness practice your brain is literally rewired. Mindfulness can be instrumental in treating chronic pain, reducing anxiety and stress, as well as increasing empathy and connection. It can also increase concentration and your ability to focus.

Mindfulness is essentially being in the present moment, fully. It is the mind’s connection to our bodies, our experiences and sensations. Some describe it as the awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose,  moment-by-moment, non-judgmentally and with self-compassion.

With its roots in Buddhism, mindfulness is increasingly popular within many businesses and organisations, and for those seeking a more connected and balanced mind and body.

Guided Mindfulness Sessions

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Start at the beginning. Let me guide you through a series of exercises and practices, and provide you with the opportunity to explore mindfulness. Develop your skills and experience the powerful effects of mindfulness.

Group Sessions & Workshops


An invaluable blend of education, engaging exercises and mindfulness practice. These sessions include an introduction to the leading practitioners and their breakthrough strategies.

I can create the ideal course for you or your group.

Mindfulness: Services
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