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Life Coaching

Coaching allows you the opportunity to explore and evaluate what is currently happening in your life and helps you to set goals for the future

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Life coaches don't offer opinions or advice. Starting with the assumption that you carry the key to your own success, I am there to act as a guide and catalyst. I will work with you, helping you to access your own solutions and ideas for change, and build your self-confidence. I will support you to challenge your fears and self-limiting beliefs. Together we can do this...

Life Coaching: Services

1:1 Coaching Sessions


Coaching focusses on setting goals and developing the strategies, motivation and confidence to achieve them.

I practice a holistic approach – looking at the whole you. Talking through your priorities together will help you gain a fresh perspective on your current situation and identify the changes you want to make.

Group Sessions & Workshops

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An invaluable blend of education and engaging and practical exercises. I can create the ideal course for your group. Organisations find these group sessions and workshops invaluable for staff wellbeing and engagement.

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