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How are you? Really?

What we show to the world isn't always how we feel inside...

How are you?: Team Members
Portrait of Smiling Woman

​I'm feeling anxious, stressed and overthink all the time. I really want to move away from those feelings.

Happy Man

I am low on energy and time. I didn't always feel like this. I need to get more balance in my life.

Girl's Portrait

My relationship isn't as close as I want it to be. I don't know how to go about changing it.

Woman Artist

I feel quite lonely. I don't know how to make new friendships or improve my social life.


​I want to develop my career but can't find the right route forward. 

Gray Fashion

I just need some support and motivation right now. I could do with some impartial, unconditional listening so that I can start to sort some things out in my mind.


I really want to change something in my life but don't know where to start. What if I fail?

Smiling Businessman

​I need to have more 'me time' but I feel that would be selfish. I want to talk about my feelings.

How are you?: Text
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