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The challenge of change

Not all change is easy is it?

Sometimes it's pushed onto us, sometimes we seek it. However it comes about, whether it's desired or unwelcome, change can be daunting and difficult.

Recently I have made a bold move, we have made a bold move - my little family. Uprooted from Hertfordshire to North Norfolk in search of a better quality of life. We made the decision early in 2019 and then set about putting the plan into action. The plan involved selling our home, relocating work. For me I will have to establish my business here and connect with new clients. There are also a hundred and one small adjustments and challenges every day.

Would I go back? Heck no! Am I loving it here? Completely yes!

Still doesn't make it straight forward. So if you too are working on change, small or big, please don't feel bad because you're finding it hard. It's okay that it feels difficult to navigate or that your are experiencing unexpected emotions. It is perfectly normal that there will be ups and downs in the process. If you are a parent, think about the millions of changes, adaptations and adjustments you have had to make to introduce your child into this life. Think about how new relationships start - never straight forward. Consider the learning you have had to do for a new job, or course of study. The reality is that change of any kind is complicated and your emotions, thoughts and ideas will move along with that change.

  • Expect to have doubts. Know that you will probably have days when you wish you never took those steps. That's okay, you are allowed to have those thoughts and feelings. Change can be scary. Remind yourself that those thoughts and feelings are not permanent.

  • Know that everyone goes through what you are going through. Not everyone talks about it though.

  • Talk about it! Talk to friends, family, therapists. Put yourself in the driving seat and get some help if you need it. You wouldn't think twice about calling a helpline to assist with your online grocery shopping, so why would you hesitate about other things you need to achieve in your life that are so much more important?

  • If it's a goal you are trying to achieve, write it down, reconnect to the heart reason, create a mood board, dream big.

  • But above all, be gentle on yourself, take a step at a time. It's better to build strong foundations and move more slowly, than to overreach and create stress in your life.

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